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Light Horse Dark Horse

An adventure fantasy series reminiscent of "The Chronicles of Narnia"and "The Guardian Herd" books, Light Horse Dark Horse is set in a world where horses, donkeys, zebras, and ponies roam... and an ancient, unseen battle wages between light and darkness.

Perfect for horse lovers ages 8 and up (and those young at heart).

Book 1 ~ The Miraculous Birth

Long ago, the world of Equus and its residents— the horses, donkeys, zebras, and ponies— were made perfect and good by the divine Great Horse. Until Abaddon, the evil Dark Horse, tricked the equines into rejecting their loyalty to their Creator. As a result, a curse fell upon the equines, dooming them to eternal enslavement. But there is hope.

The Great Horse chooses two unlikely mustangs: a filly name Sierra and a young stallion name Shadow. They are to raise the Light Horse, who is destined to break the curse and rule as the eternal King of Equus. But the Dark Horse will do everything in his power to prevent the birth. As Sierra and Shadow face their greatest fears and deepest desires, they’ll discover that their choice will change their lives, and the lives of many others, forever.

Book 2 ~ The Light Horse
Book 2-reveal.png

Four years ago, Soter the Light Horse, Son of the Great Horse, was born to two young mustangs, which fulfilled the first phase of the Prophecy of the Light Horse. Now, as a full-grown young stallion, Soter leaves His family’s herd to begin His mission: break the Curse of Evil and defeat the Dark Horse.

But first, Soter befriends seven young stallions and appoints them His apprentices, his very first followers. He then visits the many mustang herds in Great Plains, speaking words of wisdom and healing others with miraculous power. But not everyone is convinced that Soter really is the Light Horse. As conflicts rise among the herds, Soter’s friends are about to discover that there is more to the Prophecy than they even realized.

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Book 3 ~ The Soter Herd
Book 3-reveal.png

Soter the Light Horse has finally broken the Curse of Evil on the world of Equus, fulfilling the ancient Prophecy. But the war between good and evil is far from over. Despite his defeat, Abaddon the Dark Horse will use all his power to seek his revenge by destroying the mortal equines.

​Meanwhile, Stone, Lightning, and the rest of Soter’s faithful apprentices begin their own mission to recruit mustangs and other equines to join Soter’s Herd. But such a task is not going to be easy, for there are still enemies seeking to trample out Soter’s memory forever. Among them is Wolf, King Wildfire's ruthless deputy, who carries out orders in hunting down anyone who dares speak Soter’s name. If they are to survive the challenges ahead, Stone and his friends must stand firm and persevere.

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Coming Soon
Book 4 ~ The Final Battle
Book 4-reveal.png

Five years went by since the founding of the Soter Herd. The last of Soter’s Messengers has passed away. Now, Aurora, Soter’s half-sister, her mate Midnight, their twin daughters, and their zebra friend Kumani wait for the promised return of the Light Horse.

One day, a mysterious horse appears, captivating equines around the world with his magical powers. Many are convinced that the Light Horse has finally returned, but Aurora and Midnight have suspicions. When they discover the stallion’s sinister plot for world domination, they join forces with old and new friends to stop him. But there is more to the evil stallion than meets the eye. Soon, Aurora and many of the Soter Herd will witness Equus’s last days… and the final, epic battle between the Light Horse and Dark Horse.

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Coming Soon
The Miraculous Birth
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