The Aethon Chronicles

A new teen/young adult fantasy series

*Recommended for ages 14 and up*

Book 1 ~ The Guardian

A race in bondage. A reluctant choice to seal their future.


Young stallion Demetrius has always known life as a prince of the Capricorn Kingdom of Barazar. Until he stumbles upon a startling, long-kept family secret that shatters his entire world. Confused and betrayed, he flees into exile, leaving behind all that he has ever known.

However, a mysterious all-powerful deity calls him back to Barazar with an unthinkable task: free the enslaved horses and lead them to their long-forgotten ancestral homeland, Aethon. The last thing Demetrius wants is to face the capricorns, but the sufferings of his true family could not be ignored. His decision will sweep him on a perilous journey. One of battles between wills and forces, deadly creatures, divine plagues, and, above all, hope.

Book 2 ~ King of Aethon

A kingdom at war. An impossible destiny to turn the tide.


Leon, a young horse, craves nothing more than to escape a planter’s life to join the king's army as a fighter. But when he learns of a divine calling that would change the fate of his homeland, he impulsively joins a fight against the invading wolf-like race of lupines. And gains a victory no one could ever perceive possible.

Years later, he rises to fame as champion of the horses. However, a sudden attack on his life leads him to an alarming revelation: Theos has chosen him to become the next King of Aethon. With no other choice but to flee, Leon faces a desperate battle of his heart. One that may cost him his loyalty to his king, lives of friends and loved ones, and that of his very own.

Book 3 ~ The Horse Queen

An empire in peril. A dangerous task to ensure its survival.

Sophia, a young servant-mare, witnesses the horrific downfall her homeland Aethon, conquered by the powerful winged pegasus race. Within a few short years, her sheltered life is shattered when she is taken from her family to the capital city of the Pegasus Empire. There, though urged to conceal her identity, she unwittingly wins the heart of the newly crowned emperor.

Amidst political intrigue and societal barriers, secret plots against the emperor leaves the empire teetering on the brink of collapse. At the same time, a prophecy warning of an enemy seeking the horses’ demise lurks into fruition. Sophia will soon face a decision that could save both her loved ones and her kind. But it will cost her own life.

Companion Short Stories


Apollo, a horse-slave in the Capricorn Kingdom of Barazar, has only known a life of desolation, clinging to a fading hope of an ancient prophecy promising freedom for his kind. When he is sentenced to death for the murder of his master’s son, he makes an impulsive escape, only to be caught and purchased by a Capricorn Prince.

While Apollo has every reason to despise the capricorn race, he is unable to shake a strange curiosity of his new master, who is unlike any capricorn he has ever met. He will soon discover a secret about the young prince. A secret that will alter the future of his kind.


Solon, a young horse scribe, has finally entered his destiny as a Prophet of Theos as his late uncle was before him. But he is given a vision that shatters everything he knew of his family: his mother, Thalia, whom he’s never met since birth, is still alive.

Exiled for the forbidden acts of dark arts, Thalia has isolated herself from the outside world in the edges of the Wild Lands. Longing to reunite with his uncel’s sister, Solon sets out to find her and bring her home. But Thalia is dying, and Solon must help her be free of the darkness and pains of her past. Before he loses her a second time forever.


Hermione, a former highborn horse mare freed from slavery, returns to her homeland Aethon in a struggle for survival. With the stallion she loves preparing for battle against enemy forces, she remains behind with many of the remaining horses, battling with her own fears for the future of her kind.

As dawn draws near, a mysterious stranger reveals a letter written by the prophet Demas, said to contain a message of hope from Theos the Sovereign to the horses in their hour of need. Hermione embarks on a desperate search for the prophet’s final letter, but time is running out. Once the second sun of the Summer Solstice rises, the battle for the horses’ lives will begin.

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